Best of the West...

After Coral Bay, up to Exmouth and back down to Perth

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One last canoe snorkel at Coral Bay... ...and what a snorkel !... ...where we met a Southern Giant-Petrel (pretty big bird!) see Species List for close-up Chris is going to miss Coral Bay bakery! (for those of you feeling hungry, you're looking at a steak and pepper pie made from lovely tender pieces of steak in a cracked pepper gravy; and a delicious cream cake, light flaky pastry with doughnut jam and fresh whipped cream...mmmmm, and so nice Chris ate the same thing four days in a row!!!) The wildlife coming to us at YHA Exmouth (Little Corellas) Emu hanging around at YHA Exmouth Why did the Echidna cross the road?.........dunno, don't speak Echidna More wildlife on the road... ...this time 17 caterpillars, all playing follow-my-leader A very big termite mound Heading South we stopped at the Blowholes Blowholes near Carnarvon Does my bum look big in this? Seeing whether I still remembered how Bye bye West Coast