Finding Nemo

Hover the mouse pointer over the pictures for the captions

Excuse me, have you seen Nemo?...I'm a puffer fish not a street directory! Excuse me, have you seen Nemo?...I don't know, when I get lost I usually just follow my nose Excuse me, have you seen Nemo?...Uh what? Excuse me, have you seen Nemo?...Try asking the police! And leave old Snapper alone! Excuse me Sergeant, have you seen Nemo?...I've no idea, only Cod can help you now (Scissor-tail Sergeant) Excuse me Cod, have you seen Nemo?...You need to see the light my friend, look out for the Ray Hey Ray have you seen Nemo?...Certainly have, he's over there !!!Nemo!!!! (Clown Anemonefish)